Looking for the best dog clippers? this guide might help you out!

ImageWhen it comes to selecting the best possible dog clippers you are going to use to shave your dog or cat, it is essential to select the very best quality clippers to guarantee that your puppy will not only have a trim, groomed coat, but for the comfort and safety of your dog as well. By buying dog clippers, you can save a lot of cash from bringing your dogs to a pet groomer, $$$$. In addition, you can now use the time spent shaving and trimming your dog’s fur as a bonding moment. There are various types of dog clippers available today, and many things go into how you make your choice on what dog clippers to buy. It doesn’t really matter if you are a price conscious individual or not, the most important thing when buying for a dog clipper is motor power. Remember this: DO NOT waste money by settling with cheap, low-powered canine clippers, because you will end up throwing it into the storage and never ever need it again. Instead go with clippers made by either Oster or Andis, they are the leader in building the best dog clippers nowadays, they also provide some good affordable clippers like the Oster A5 single speed. The dog clippers you purchase will pay for itself in no time, so make sure you look for the one that are going to work best for you!

Just before you actually buy your pet clippers

Before purchasing pet clippers, you need to do some studies so you won’t end up wasting you money. With all the various dog clipper companies available to you, it can be frustrating to choose one. However, 2 of the higher quality brandnames out there are Oster and Andis dog clippers. But to start off, the preliminary measures:
Examine your dog’s coat. If it is a thicker coat, then you will need more powerful clippers to get through all of the hair. For smaller dogs, they might be more sensitive to the buzzing noises of the dog clipper, then you will want a more quieter pet clippers. Purchase a dog clipper that matches your situation is important.
Look over as many pet clipper user reviews as possible. This will leave you an idea of just what clippers many other pet owners have had a good experience with and those that are not so good quality. You will also see which dog clippers are worth their price tag. Amazon is best place to read all the product reviews on all the name brand dog clippers.
You can ask your nearby groomer if you have any concerns in relation to blade size specific to your breed. Most of professional canine clippers come with standard #10 blade which i have never had a problem with it.

Accessories You Must Give consideration to For Your New Clippers 

Oftentimes we will neglect the need of maintaining their canine clippers. Without the appropriate maintenance its very easy for the clippers blade to go dull after few uses. I’d rather purchase the appropriate equipment than replace with expensive blades after (replacement blades usually cost about $30 each on amazon.com). Blade oil, blade wash, proper lube are some things to keep in mind when investing in a pet clipper. You can study a in depth post on how to maintain your pet clippers here.

Proper Pet Grooming Education

Additionally, make sure to educate yourself on the methods of pet grooming, look for video clips that show the use of the clippers, there are also many great guides on pet grooming, you can find them over at amazon. And lastly, ensure you are well prepared to commit the task of grooming your doggie – it will take quite a few of your spare time.

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